Senior Vice President, Jacob Krogsgaard of Nel Hydrogen Solutions shares his experience of driving the hydrogen fuel cell Mirai car for over a year…

It is our family car. I drive it to work everyday, and we use it for everything. I managed to integrate a bike-holder on the back for 4 bikes but I miss having the opportunity to use a towbar.

I have had 3 trips within the last year where I couldn’t use my Mirai:

  • Trip to Poland
  • A family visit to Odda, Norway
  • …and not having enough space for big furniture from IKEA

My family have used the Mirai for everything else – and we love it!

Long trips through Europe are relaxing with a fuel cell vehicle (FCV). Refueling is becoming more accessible and reliable across the continent, and the limitations for FCV usage are decreasing every month with new hydrogen stations opening*.

The Mirai didn’t breakdown once for the duration of the 14 months and the average consumption is 0.8 – 0.9kg/100km; on the highway the average increases to 1.1kg/100km.

Unfortunately, I only had 3 rendezvous with other Mirai cars. However, after a 2 minute sales pitch everybody now wants to buy a FCV – but why aren’t there more FCVs sold in Europe? Pricing is too high compared to other markets, like California for example, and dealers are not yet pushing for FCV sales. The infrastructure is being built around the region therefore now is the time for car manufacturers to speed up.

Is the Mirai a perfect car? It’s close, there is room for improvement such as having a longer range (currently at 502km), delivering better fuel economy at higher speeds, offering a towbar and even improving on design. When the Mirai has these abilities then we will get close to the perfect car.


*Denmark currently has 10 stations operational.

Jacob visited the following stations during his trial of the Mirai:

  • Total Station, Detmoldstraße 1, 80935 München, Tyskland – HyFIVE station
  • OMV Tankstelle, Andechsstraße 83, 6020 Innsbruck, Østrig – HyFIVE station
  • IIT, Exit Highway Bolzano Sud, Via Enrico Mattei 1, 39100 Bolzano, Italy – HyFIVE station
  • Schnackenburgallee, 22525 Hamburg, Tyskland
  • Shell, Oberbarmen, Schmiedestraße 83, 42279 Wuppertal, Tyskland
  • Total, Scheinfelder Straße 23, 96160 Geiselwind, Tyskland

Nel Hydrogen is a HyFIVE project partner and has also had the experience of trialing two Hyundai ix35 cars, accumulating a combined 100,000km.

Photo: Jacob Krogsgaard, Senior Vice President at Nel Hydrogen Solutions (Copyright: Nel Hydrogen Solutions)

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